Company Message


Utilizing the highest technology to create a bright future and a clean environment

“Bringing well-being to humanity through the globalization of EcolGreenTec Bio-Polymer, a dream material made from natural plant-based plastic” is our philosophy, proven through multiple research projects and studies on the actual use of finished products.

EcolgreenTech Co., Ltd. was founded with the company's motto to provide cleaner environment and to save energy for the present and future generations. Through eco-friendly products and technologies, we strive to make human life a better place to live.

After physical, theoretical, and commercial evaluations by domestic and international scholars, professional companies, and certified institutions, our products have been commercialized.
If non-biodegradable synthetic resins are classified based on their toxicity (environmental hormones, harmful substances to humans, non-degradation in landfills), then EcolGreenTec's products can be classified as nontoxic.
We have acquired patents for self-developed biodegradable nano synthetic materials to secure the physical properties and quality levels demanded by customers, improving the quality.

With long standing technology and marketing, we are expanding our business scope to the global market, marking the foundation of a bright future and contributing to the sustainable development of human society by providing better products. The door to EcolGreenTec is always open.