2019 ~

·EcolGreenTec Co., Ltd. established
·PLA tapes and protective films
·Biocompatible biotech facial mask sheets
·Patented biodegradable PLA dry peeling pads
·Developed biodegradable PLA dry scouring pads
·Developed biodegradable PLA tea bags and broth bags
·Biodegradable PLA shopping bag handles (straps) and tips

2020 ~

·Patents registered (9 items) including cleansing pads, coffee filters, etc.
·Bubby Corn, Flow Bubble cleansing pads, broth brewing bags, biodegradable masks (3 types)
·Product supply to Shinsegae International Jaju, iCOOP Saenghyup, Kakao Makers
·Registered with Coupang Rocket Delivery

2021 ~

·Patented mushroom leather
·Patented bamboo leather
·Patented (3 items) absorbent pads (meat pads)
·Developed 4 types of coffee filters, drip bags, absorbent pads, pet pads, sanitary gloves, disposable cutting boards, hanji oiled papers, tissues
·Product supply to Nature Dream, Hanwha Galleria, Hansalim, Costco, Lotte Department Store, etc.